Web performance Optimization

We optimize your website by analyzing the pattern of the website. By using improved methods of optimization we makes your web pages fly while rendering. Some of the points from our checklist are: By improving your code, optimizing JS for non-blocking while rendering. Sharing the web page load(I/O) by using a CDN and Seprate Session […]

Set timezone of Mysql Server

Many times timezone issues with your database server causes wrong information to be entered in reports, transaction tables etc. To fix timezone issues with your mysql server, just login to your mysql and execute following query: SET GLOBAL time_zone = ‘<REQUIRED TIMZONE>; E.g. SET GLOBAL time_zone = ‘+5:30’; If you have to get the  current […]

Import a CSV File to Mysql Database

To Import a CSV File in MySQL Database execute this query with path to the csv file you need to import: LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘filetoimport.csv’ INTO TABLE <tablename> FIELDS TERMINATED BY ‘,’ LINES TERMINATED BY ‘\n’ (field1, field2, field3….,field-n); [box type=”info”] Remember to match the columns in your csv and MySQL table.[/box]