How to configure libstdc++ with GCC 4.8?

You need to tell your dynamic linker (it’s executed when you run your program) where to find the library. Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the path of the library (probably somewhere under /app/gcc/4.8.0/lib or something). Use find /app/gcc/4.8.0 -name “”. Add the directory to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. e.g with the path I mentioned: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/app/gcc/4.8.0/lib (if you’re using […]

Setup Pure-FTPd Daemon in Linux

Install Pure-FTPd In a Linux shell run the following: Ubuntu – apt-get install pure-ftpd-common pure-ftpd Red Hat, Centos- yum install pure-ftpd-common pure-ftpd Now we need to create a new system group for pureftpd: groupadd ftpgroup Now we add a user for the group and give that user no permission to a home directory or a […]