How to add a Volume to EC2 Instance?

Go to EC2 console to create the volume and attach it to the instance, and then we’ll mount the volume to make it available. – under Elastic Block Store, click Volumes. – Click on Create Volume – Select the General Purpose (SSD) volume type. – Wait for your Volume to be available. – Right click […]

Nginx show/set real ip address(public) from Amazon ELB Load Balancer address

To make it work, we need to add following lines to nginx configuration file: real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For; set_real_ip_from; It makes nginx to trust an X-Forwarded-For header from anyone, which makes Real Ip visible on logs and can be used in other programs where real ip is required.

Amazon SES Request Expired, it must be within 300secs/of server time.

While using Amazon Simple Email Service, sometimes we encounter this error message: ” AWS Error Code: RequestExpired, AWS Error Message: Request timestamp: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 06:10:27 GMT expired. It must be within 300 secs/ of server time.” This error probably means that Amazon SES time differs from your system clock time.┬áIf you’re using the […]